Death Note Episode 01 - "Rebirth" Hindi Dubbed

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  1. Ryuk ki awaj ek dum mast hai agar india me death note ko dub kara gaya toh yehi dub chahiye hame

  2. Osomm dubb will u dub mor£❤️??

  3. Osm bro pleaSe dub more episode

  4. Hey please dub more your dubbing is great

  5. Bhai or kitne anime h aapke paas......Mekâ ab dekhne h hindi me😊

  6. plzz aur episodes dub karo plzz waiting for your dubbing

  7. Please Dub More... Please bhai please😭😭😭 yeh itna acha anime hai ki mujhe aur dekhne ka mann kar raha hai aur apki dubbing tou... kya bolu kitna acha hai bhaai!!! ❤ from India

  8. Sir ur doing creat job...thx u so much to u and ur hole team because of u the anime and manga audition are increasing just hard work we are with u i love ur work and death note is one of my fav anime and the first anime which i have ever watch in my life...we will support u plz rise the scale of anime and cartoon in india ani other country anime is for everyone from child to adult person every one can enjoy it but in india they thing anime and cartoon is for only children aand below 18+ audition but it is wrong and we have to try our best to prove that aime can be watch by any person of any age...ur doing great job.. we support u spl i....thx a lot for ur work because of u we can enjoy and have fun with emotiona by understanding in our own mother tongue language ..thx ur work means a lot for us...

  9. You and your team are great, thanx for it. Now anime is becoming famous in india may be it is slow but it is happening

  10. Please πŸ™ dubbe more episode, 😟 iam redy to pay
    Please πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

    1. Me too, bro, even though I am just a teen.

  11. Thanks for giving us no. anime.
    Thank you so much

  12. Can i use your video to mack epic combination ?


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